Membership Fees

The fee for individual members of MathML e.V. is 12 Euro per calendar year. Institutional membership fees are still under discussion.

Becoming a MathML Member

Interested in becoming a MathML Member? Great! Please check the terms of the Affiliates document and submit an email to the MathML directors using this template (alternatively, try this link), including at least your name and a brief introduction. Note that your message will be stored on our server and will only be accessible to the directors.

Once we receive your message, we will try to come back to you within three business days. If your application is approved, your name, the brief introduction and optional link will be used on this Members page and for public announcements. Also, note that your email address will be used for communication with the MathML Association, including notifications of changes to the terms of the Affiliates document.

Finally, you are also encouraged to subscribe to this public MathML Members mailing list now so that you can keep updated about latest news and discuss with other members of the MathML community!