MathML in HTML5 - Implementation Note

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MathML in HTML5 - Implementation Note
Editor’s Draft, October 31, 2017

Frédéric Wang


This document is a detailed technical document for a core subset of presentation MathML [MathML3] in order to render with high quality the majority of mathematical formulas used in practice. This document should be understandable by any implementer with sufficient knowledge of web rendering engines and text layout. Contrary to the official MathML specification, a significant effort is made to be as accurate as possible on the visual rendering of mathematical formulas using additional rules from the TeXBook’s Appendix G [TeXBook] and from the Open Font Format version 3 [OpenFontFormat3]. The priority is to be compatible with existing technologies of web rendering engines [HTML5] by relying as much as possible on CSS, text & table layout and box models. As a consequence, parts of presentation MathML that do not fit well in this framework or are rarely used in practice have been ommited ; details on these and suggestions for standardization bodies are provided in the appendix.

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